Dec 24, 2019

Timber frame Architectural Photography Montana

Few architectural styles are more difficult to photograph than timber frames. The drastic difference in dynamic range means that a single exposure will render windows with a hazy, "blown-out" white bloom sans detail. Interiors will be underexposed and hazy. Even seasoned photographers struggle to light these spaces due to their sheer size and limited opportunities to bounce strobes off of large, neutral surfaces. 

The ideal solution is to wait for the right time of day when the most powerful hot light (the sun) does most of the heavy lifting for you. Often, even this isn't enough or possible due to weather. Therefore knowing how to handle some serious fire power and modifiers is essential. 

This was ever so true in this photo shoot for Timberbuilt. This stunning structure sits on the edge of Glacier National Park, Montana. Their thoughtful fenestration design frames these majestic mountains. Leveling out the dynamic range and compositing clear shots of the view were absolutely essential to this client. As a seasoned architectural photographer serving Montana and nationwide (USA), I'm proud to feature this project.

For the full set, visit Timberbuilt's post here