Mar 27, 2017

Timber frame Builder Sweeping North America

Multi-award winning builder, Timberbuilt continues to gain amazing momentum despite a devastating fire of their office and shop in 2016. The Phoenix has nothing on owner, George Klemmens who vowed to finish jobs on time while at the same time rebuilding their own facilities. 

Timberbuilt is based in upstate New York but has projects going simultaneously throughout the United States and Canada. They pride themselves in quality construction and energy efficiency. As their local go-to timber frame photographer, I was honored to photograph some outstanding projects in New York State and Pennsylvania. 

Contact Timberbuilt for possible open houses in the following locations:

  • Northeast Nova Scotia, Canada (Cape Breton area)
  • Southern Ontario, Canada (Toronto area)
  • Central Virginia (Richmond area)
  • Northeast Tennessee (Watauga Lake area)
  • Southeast Tennessee (Chattanooga area)
  • Northeast Pennsylvania (Elk Mountain ski area)
  • Northwest Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Wild area)
  • Southeast Idaho (Yellowstone Park area)
  • South Central Montana (Yellowstone River area)
  • Southeast Wyoming (Cheyenne area)
  • Northwest Vermont (Burlington-Lake Champlain area)
  • Western New York (East Aurora area)
  • New York (Ellicottville area)
  • Alaska (Kodiak Island area)
  • Central Arizona (Flagstaff & Prescott area)
  • Northwest Oregon (Portland area)
  • Northeast New York (Lake Placid area)
  • Northwest Pennsylvania (Clarion area)

  • Southwest Ontario, Canada (Kenora area)