Nov 29, 2017

Kitchen & Bath Photographer Specialist

As a former in-house photographer for a cabinetry manufacturer, I've become somewhat of a kitchen & bath photography specialist.  I thoroughly enjoy photographing these spaces in spite of, and perhaps because of the special challenges they present.

Creating an image with depth and ambiance is easy with three dimensionality of ornate forms and door styles. But when there's when there's minimalism in form - both in cabinet runs and slab door styles, avoiding a flat image can be tricky.

Reflective surfaces are another challenge. Appliances, backsplashes and countertops are reflective. Even the cabinets themselves are reflective due to their top coats. Dark cabinets might as well be mirrors as hot spots become especially conspicuous. This means lighting kitchens without creating tons of distracting specular highlights and reflections can be tough. 

Baths have all the same challenges AND literal mirrors. There is little place to hide a camera and lights without revealing them in some reflection.

Fortunately, with over 15 years experience, trial and error, and technical tricks from mentors, I say "bring it on"!  I enjoy solving the puzzle one obstacle at a time. 

Kitchen + Bath Photographer | Kim Smith Photo | Buffalo New York