Sep 25, 2017

House in the Woods

“House in the Woods” by Architectural Resources has been awarded the ASID NYU / CE and AIA Buffalo Chapter Residential design awards!

As a contemporary architectural photographer, I was honored to photograph this contemporary home.

About the project:

“Japanese culture is known for raising everyday activities to artistry. When a client asked for a traditional Japanese bathing experience within a contemporary residence, it required working within the limits of an existing structure with limitless creativity. This was accomplished through a contemporary interpretation of a tree house.

The House in the Woods is secluded within woodland that abuts a major tributary to the Buffalo River. It’s an addition to a residence originally constructed in the 1970’s. The most notable design feature is the transition from the master bedroom area, known as the Cube, to the tree house. The suspended glass-enclosed walk allows you to step away from the daily routine in the home to cleanse your body and mind. Putting this walkway on the second floor created a new twist to an ancient experience by connecting you with nature by being immersed among the trees.

Inside the tree house sits the actual Hinoki tub, imported from Japan. It’s surrounded on three sides by floor to ceiling windows further enhancing the experience. Imagine this space during a snowstorm. Inside, there’s a traditional corner where the bather can sit on a small wooden stool and use wooden pails to douse oneself with hot water before entering the bath. The preparations for the bath are described by the client as a “wonderful feeling, a sort of ritualistic and meditative bathing.” The House in the Woods is a space where simplicity in design enhances relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s a contemporary celebration of tradition.”

- Architectural Resources. © 2017 Kim Smith Photo